Star OPS


I started this personal project during the summer 2016. My goal is to develop, under Unity, a local game based on the model of an arcade game, as for example the one available in the zombie mode of the well-known "Call of duty - Black ops" and named "Dead ops arcade". At this stage of developement, the game is playable by only one player at a time but the final version will be multi-player.

Also, while the player has not for the moment the choice of the character he is playing (a drone), he could, once the game will be finalized, select his character between several available. The fighting scene is seen from above and the player has the possibility to move within and over the scene, to fire either with a double-gun or with missiles. Once you got rid of you attackers, you will pass to the following fighting scene.

Downloading and use

This game is playable on Windows® 10. to take better advantages of it, play in windowed mode with a resolution which will allow you to obtain the best fluidity of the character displacement (this game is not yet optimized and may use some ressources).

You could play only using either a PS4 or a Xbox One controller:
- Left joystick to move within the scene,
- Right joystick to fire with the double-gun,
- Small left trigger to fire a missile,
- Small right trigger to fly over attackers.