Geometry Run


I realized this short game project during the school year 2014-2015. The aim was only to familiarise myself with Unity environnement in particular to test the developement and implementation of interactions between objects. This game was created in only few hours and contain only one level entirely composed of sprites.

A square is traveling straight ahead and the player has to leave this square jumped over obstacles, or have it transformed in a circle allowing to pass on semi-circular ramps.

Downloading and use

This game is runnable on Windows® 10. In order to benefit fully of it, choose the 1600x900 resolution in windowed mode and the graphic quality "fantastic". Once the square stars to move forward, press space key to jump over triangles. To pass the ramp, keep pressed the space key when the square approches the dotted-line. If you get stuck, press R key to restart the level. You have 3 lifes, and each floor changes is a checkpoint. Enjoy !