About me

Who am I ?

Hi and welcome to my website. My name is Pierre-Louis Gournay and I live in Paris Suburb. I just finished my last engineer school year at ESME Sudria with a major in IT engineering and emerging technologies. My training enabled me to gain an in-depth understanding of database, image processing, HMI, client/server technologies, UML design, etc.., and also practical skills through a set of practical works, group projects and internships.
What I enjoyed working on during my course of training concerns the developement and programming at virtual reality applications and 3D rendering technics. I'm not too surprised about that concidering my great interest for any kind of video games regardless kind of game or the platform. In fact, I have for many years the desire to work professionally in the area of design and developpement of video games and my training has reinforced my motivation for this project. It is actually these activities that make me the more creative and enthusiastic.

What can you find on my website ?

I created this personnal website to present few projects I really enjoyed to working on. You could find for each of these projects, a short description, a video and a download link. I hope you will appreciate this work. Please keep in mind that these projects were developped with limited means and, if you replace them in a chronological order, with continually evolving knowledges and skills.
Unfortunately, due to confidentiality reasons, I can't present the project I worked on during my last year intership (6 months) at MBDA. Without entering into debate on the details, I had to work on implementation of Oculus Rift and Leap Motion and interactions including them in a virtual simulated environnement.

If you want to contact me

If you have appreciated the few projects presented here and you think that I could help in one of your projects of software regarding video games or serious games, please contact me at: plg91140@gmail.com .
You could find my complete french resume by clicking on the button below.